David Bowie

David Bowie changed the face of music, fashion and art in a way that nobody else could. He had a massive effect on so many lives, and his music was able to reach across the generations. He truly was a star.

I think I almost believed Bowie was from another world, that he could never die. I mean he was a legend: untouchable, eternal.

But this isn’t a post mourning his death. It’s a post celebrating his existence. It turns out that afterall, everything I felt about David Bowie was true. He is immortal in the form of his legacy.

Just listen to this. My all time favourite Bowie song. The classic. ‘Heroes’.


Green short sleeved dress

For Christmas, I got some fab new items of clothing, and I will be doing blog posts about each of them over the next few weeks.

Today I am going to start with a green short sleeved dress from the vintage clothing store “Beyond Retro”.

This is one of my favourite places to shop for brilliant finds in retro fashion. I use their website because neither of their stores (in Brighton and Soho) are near to where I live. You never really know what you might find on there, and that’s what I love about it. Also, the prices are pretty reasonable, too.

So about the dress.

Its a light green, textured short dress, with two pockets at the top (for design rather than practicality!). It is made out of terrycloth fabric, which means it has an unusual ‘bobbly’ texture, which I really like. Approximately from the 1990s, but with clear 1960s inspired design aspects, I was originally drawn to it by the stand-out colour and neckline.

Since wearing it, I’m even more pleased. It fits me really well and is very comfortable. I also think that it is a multi-seasonal item. For winter it can be paired with a long-sleeved top underneath and tights, and in the warmer months can be worn just on its own.

Here is a photo taken from the “Beyond Retro” website – a much better quality photo than I could take, that I hope the company doesn’t mind me using!

Green short sleeved dress

Feel free to comment below what you think!

E x


Hello and welcome to my blog, Everything Retro!

For a long time now I have been considering starting my own blog, and now I have finally got around to it, and as a fan of all things retro, what better topic?

I’m hoping that this can be a place for me to  put my thoughts and feelings out there, about the things that really interest me 🙂

Let’s get started!

E x

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